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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 36- So many things to be Thankful for!! ♥

This week was Amazing!! Not only because of the Holiday that was coming but because of all the things that happened. This last week, or for the last 50 days we have been keeping track of one thing a day of what we are thankful for each day. Now we are counting the 27 miracles till Christmas! (:

Monday we started off the day with normal study and shopping and email. We had a district activity which was super fun, we played volleyball! We had dinner with a member family who fed us breakfast for dinner! YUM! We showed them the temple presentation
Tuesday and Wednesday was normal contacting days. And we had ward correlation. Wednesday we also went to the temple and that was SUPER fun. I always love going to the temple and feeling the peace when we go.  We also had one of the craziest dinners of my entire mission... It literally shocked me. Here it goes: As missionaries, we normally call to confirm dinners either the night or morning before dinners. Well we called and left messages on all the phones we had for this family and asked them to call us back as soon as they got our message. Well they never got back to us so we just went over there and ... when she opened the door, she said... "Oh no, I completely forgot we were supposed to be feeding you..." She let us in anyways. The house looked like a tornado busted through the house.. there was clothes everywhere and toys and furniture. We found out a few seconds later that she was re-arranging rooms and decided to paint too... So she said that she was going to order a pizza for us, we offered that she didn't have to feed us, but I guess she didn't understand. The house basically was a mad house, and its kinda hard to explain what exactly happened but it was crazy!!!
Thursday was Thanksgiving which was fun! There was a Turkey run (4 mile) that we did! SUPER AWESOME! && We got to go to Sister Stovalls family, because she has non member and not active family so that was super fun! The funniest thing ever happened too... I made up a story.. obviously joking... but I had a British accent the ENTIRE night.. So much fun, and they all fell for it! :P

Friday we had a lesson with Lauren.
Saturday we went to Jacobs baptism! And had exchanges with the other Sisters. I was with Sister Ayers the whole day!

Sunday was fast Sunday (: and we had another lesson with Lauren. She's on date for baptism for the 28th of DECEMBER! (:
Awesome week, more to come next week! Love you all!
-Sister Holcomb!

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