The Time in Arizonaa!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Week 40?! Gettin excited for the new year!!

Only pictures this week. Didn't have enough time to type everything that happened. But ill be writing a update to my mom and she should be posting it on the blog! Thanks for all the support! And hope all you have a great new year!
1. First Fall looking tree I've seen in AZ!!

2. Me and Sister Minkler, biking it up!!!

3. Awesome AZ sunset!

4. Some just for fun!

Sisters with an Awesome Sister from the ward


Week 39 - This week was packed full of miracles! Christmas ones, maybe?

I'd like to start of this update with a quote that we had in church yesterday that I read, that I really liked.
"We cant fully understand the meaning of Christmas unless we understand the meaning of the Savior's life, Atonement, and Resurrection. I cannot think about the birth of the Savior without thinking of His words to Pilate 'To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth hearth my voice' (John 18:37) As we begin the Christmas season, may we consider the scriptural prophecies about the Savior. They are not just odd statements of coincidence; rather they are profound statements of purpose and promise about His life and mission and what He means for each of us"
This week was awesome, but crazy all wrapped up into one. But that's what makes missionary work so much fun.  Monday was just a normal pday along with Sister Stovall packing because of her leaving and going to Gilbert (Temple View Zone). We got these sweet new sweatshirts!!  We got to also go to the Temple lights with some members and we had a great last trip with the Sanchez's!
Tuesday we had normal district meeting, and more packing!
Wednesday was transfer meeting and I got my new comp! Her name is Sister Minkler and she's from North Dakota! She's been out for about 4 months. After that we went to the Gilbert Temple and took pictures as a mission.

Thursday we got to go to the Mesa Temple as a mission and after that we had a Christmas party with our mission and every zone performed a skit! It was super fun! Oh and in case your wondering what the muddy drink is... Its called a dirty Dr. pepper. Its SUPER yummy. (; 

Friday we had planning and a lesson with Donna! She's on date for baptism for the 11th of January!
Saturday and Sunday were super busy as well, appointment after appointment! How awesome that was! We were all on bike too, so we bike about 30+ miles the past couple days!
I love this time of year, because of the love of the Savior everyone seems to pick up. This time of year truly testifies of why I'm here. Because of the birth of Christ, I am here. Without His birth, there would be no gospel of Jesus Christ, for Him I'm truly grateful to be able to be out here to preach his gospel to everyone that is in need of it. I love the Savior with all my heart and I hope all of you remember the true meaning of Christmas

Hope you all have a great Christmas!
Sister Lindsay Holcomb

Week 38, No transfers for meeee!

This week has been great! Getting ready for Christmas time is always so fun and everyone is always in a great mood since the holidays are coming up. I think its honestly the best time for missionary work, because we teach about Christ and since its Christmas time more people are open to our message!! I love Christmas time for sure!!
This week started off with pday, like a normal week. Pdays I swear are one of the busiest days of week, just because we are trying to get everything done to prepare for the week!  We got to play basketball with our zone and other zones, it was super fun. Sister Stovall and I thought it would be fun to dress a little less normal. Below is shown the crazy fun we had :P

Our week mostly consisted of being busy, and as much as it is good that we are busy.. We are just so tired by the end of the week!  We had a multi zone conference this week as well which was super fun we learned more about the upcoming events in our mission. We get to go the temple as a MISSION and do a few temple sessions which will be super fun!  I'm extremely excited! Elder Goulding is one of the Assistants to the president and he's going home :( So sad! We also did correlation and when we were making visits we saw this house that was decked out in Christmas lights!!! Sooo awesome!

A member gave us a Christmas gift and it was super cute! The 12 days of Christmas!! So everyday tilll Christmas day we get to open something! So fun!

Saturday we got to go to the Mesa Temple Lights with some investigators! It was crazy but super fun! I personally have never been and was so excited to go! The pictures don't even describe how pretty the lights were! I definitely wanna come back! There was a gorgeous nativity and all sorts of pretty decorations.  There's even CAMELS!!  (:

Sunday night we had transfer calls. Sister Stovall is leaving :( Sad that she is leaving but I know that the Lord needs her somewhere else. Great week for sure!

Thank you for all of you that write me and support me! Have a great Christmas ♥
Love always, Sister Holcomb

Week 37- Christmas time is here! ... Almost!

This is last weeks update. I thought I sent it :(
Feliz Navidad Amigos!! Welll, almost at least! So many awesome things happened this week! Hopefully I can type it all up before my time is gone!
This last Monday was so busy but so fun at the same time! We did lots and were exhausted by the end of the day! We went to downeast and charming charlies... it was weird being in a mall.. since i haven't been "shopping" shopping in FOREVER. I also hit my 9 months mark last Monday!!! Now I'm on the down hill part of my mission and I come home soon! Its exciting but sad at the same time! I love being a missionary, but I definitely miss my family and friends!
Tuesday we had normal District meeting and  we had a meeting with a member that's over missionary work! it was great and we were able to coordinate and talk a lot about how missionary work can progress in the area!
Wednesday was a really good day, we did lots of contacting and we invited everyone we saw to We rode our bikes too! SUPER COLD!! It got down to 60 degrees that day! Same thing happened Thursday!
Friday was GREAT! Planning is always super fantastic! After planning was finished we got to go back to the apartment because Sister Stovall wasn't feeling very well and had lunch. Sister Ayers got to be with me for the day so that we could get some missionary work done. We had a lesson with Lauren again. We taught her the plan of salvation, and invited her to be baptized for the 28th of December! She said yes! We also contacted a referral from a member and she is willing to take the lessons from us! So we have a new investigator as well! (:
Saturday we had a ward Christmas breakfast! Which was fun, after that Sister Stovall still wasn't feeling good so she slept for a good few hours. After that we did progress records and did normal missionary work too!
Sunday was a great day! I love Sundays and even though there the busiest day of the week,We had a great lesson with Elizabeth and she's also on date for the 28th of Dec!!! Super exciting!