The Time in Arizonaa!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tomorrow is the day!!!

The count down is almost over! I report tomorrow at 1:00 pm. My parents left a few days ago, but Ive been spending time with Grandma. We've had lots of fun, she's living with the family that she nannys and there sooo cute. Im inlove with the kids. There all so fun and so welcoming.

Today my Grandma and I were able to go with the Fyffes to do a temple session at the Timpanoga Temple

And I met a few future Sister Missionaries as well! 

Guess what else!? I finally got to meet one of the Sisters (Her name is Katie, cant remember her last name at the moment) that is going to the same mission as me, crazy that we ran into eachother and happen to be at the same temple. Long story short, we had connected through facebook and found out we were reporting the same day and serving the same mission. Its so crazy we ran into eachother!!!

Plus we have the same CTR ring! We are meant to be best friends & hopefully someday companions!

mine is the left and hers is the right.

The day ended with us going to dessert to get frozen yogurt, it was yummy!!
and yes Grandma let me drive her car! (;

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The adventure before the adventure.. eh eh..?

The night I got set apart, with my parents, the stake president, the bishop, and my trek "pa" (:

My sister and I, the morning I left for Utah & yes.. I just woke up and she was headed off to school, Ill miss you Sydney! ♥

We stopped in Idaho to sleep since we had been driving a while and stopped at the Boise Temple

First stop in Utah, not a temple or anything... In N Out! 

Next stop... THE FYFFES!!!
We had some super yummy sushi and I was super excited to see T (;


Temple session with the friends and fam!


Then the Fyffe's took us on a little journey to the Draper Temple!
Such a gorgeous temple!

---- ♥, Sister Holcomb

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final Farewell and other information (:

By the time all of you guys see this, it will probably be tomorrow. (The date being: 3/6/13) Which means that this will be the last post officially made by me.. Lindsay Holcomb. After I get set apart as a full time missionary, my Mother will be updating this with emails from me to her. I'm so excited to have all of you guys write me! So first things first, if you guys don't have time to hand write me something, feel free to email me, after march 13th to this email

I should be getting the apartment address pretty soon, which means that you guys can send me any cute little packages or letters, notes, pictures or something fun! Ill let my Mom know, and she will be posting it. Also if you guys do decide to send me an email, please include an address I can write you back, since I'm only allowed to send emails to my family.

I just want to thank everyone in my life who has supported me, help me grow in someway, and who has loved and accepted me for me. You guys are all blessings in my life.

God be with you till we meet again..

Love, Sister Holcomb ♥
- Sister Lindsay Holcomb -