The Time in Arizonaa!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 9- We see miracles happening :)

This past week has been kinda crazy busy and exhausting, but totally amazing and we've seen tons of miracles.  First off, Darien.. the guy that I taught my first lesson to.. is baptized now.  :) Its pretty awesome!

Monday was a pretty busy day, we had to go all over the place.  We didn't have a whole ton of time to relax. We went by the bike shop to have Sister Collins bike looked over, because her seat was broken, and mine just got looked over, cuz the gears were kinda being difficult.  But all was well once we got out of there.  After that we went shopping, cleaned the apartment, laundry, dinner and headed out to talk to people and to appointments we had scheduled for the day.  We did have a member tell us about her cleaning lady, so we went over that morning, and talked with the member for a bit and shared a scripture with Sam (the cleaning lady).  She said her self, shes basically Mormon, just without being baptized.  She told us there are Elders in her apartment complex and she was going start taking the lessons from them.

Tuesday we just did a lot of contacting people.  We had an appointment with a guy named Jordan, but it fell through unfortunately.  We found other people that we talked to that wanted to learn more though.  We went by one of our other investigators house and set up an appt for later in the day.

Wednesday we had a ton of lessons.  It's exciting to see that we are inspired to know what to share with the people that we talk to and go by and see.  All through out the day we saw how different things touched people differently.  Sister Collins and I were able to go to a relief society activity and made these cute little block that says:  "Reverence is more than just quietly sitting, its thinking of father above".  Picture is below.

Thursday we stopped by a members house that hasn't been going to church very often (or as we refer to it a less active member) and we could tell from the moment she opened the door that she wasn't having a good day.  She told us that it wasn't a good time for her and asked that we could come back later.  Well I really had to go to the bathroom so we asked if I could use the restroom, and she said yes, so she let us come in.  After I was finished we shared a scripture.  She started crying and told us that we were inspired to come because she needed what we shared with her.  We could tell she needed help with the house so we asked if she wanted help.  She said no and we didn't want to be overbearing so we didn't.  But as soon as we rode away, we both promised each other that even though people say no if the spirit directs we should help.  We also stopped by to visit a lady named Roberta, she was a former investigator.  She still expressed in learning more, so now we are teaching her.  She said that she's heard a lot of different rumors about the church so we are going to clear some fog.  We were going by other peoples houses when we had the prompting to go by one of our investigators, Sarah, that we hadn't gotten a hold of for a couple weeks.  So we stopped by and her mom answered the door and told us she was in the shower and to come back another time.  Well just as we were about to leave to go contact some other people the door was opened and Sarah was there!  She had heard the dogs barking and knew it was us so hurried out of the shower.  She let us in and we started talking with her and her mom.  (Her mom has never really expressed interest in the church) We continued to talk and her mom was listening in, we shared a scripture and Sarah's mom had a lot of questions.  We scheduled an appt for today, and her mom was willing to listen in today! Hopefully we will be inspired to know what to say!

Friday we met with one of our other investigators, Jennifer (her family is being taught by the Spanish Elders) and we had a lesson with her.  We invited her to be baptized, but she said no.  Which is okay, because she said she didn't understand why she had to be baptized if shes already been baptized.  But this next lesson we have with her tomorrow (may 28th) will explain to her why baptism needs to be done in the proper way and with the proper authority.  We asked her to pray to know if she should be baptized.  She said she would.  We are excited to see her tomorrow at her appointment.  She is progressing, we can tell.  And she told us she likes us coming over because she learns something new every time.

Later that night we had dinner with her and her family.  3 words.  Como se AWKWARD.  We had it over at the Bishops house and we invited the Spanish Elders to come so that the family would be able to talk to them. Well the family showed up 45 mins late and the Elders didn't even hardly talk to them.  I was somewhat irritated because most of the reason why we invited them over was to make Jennifer and her family feel welcome and more comfortable.  Well luckily we had a RM (return missionary) that went on a Spanish speaking mission talk to them and make them laugh but it still wasn't the same.  The dinner definitely wasn't as planned but oh well.  What happens, happens and everything happens for a reason.. haha.  At the end of the dinner we shared a message with them about eternal families and shared our testimonies with the Elders translating the whole time.  Well that was Friday, it was pretty crazy...  But not as crazy as Saturday.

Saturday was Saturday, running to every bishop and ward mission leaders house to drop off progress records from the week.  On the way to one of there houses we were just going along minding our own business and we see a boy.  I'm thinking about 16, mowing the lawn in his briefs.  Yes you read it correctly. his briefs...  NOT OKAY!!  My eyes were bleeding.  That wasn't the end of it though.  We stopped at our Bishops house.  His daughter let us in and while we were waiting for Bishop, his son (who is leaving on his mission on Thursday) was in the kitchen .... in his underwear!!  GROSSS!!  My eyes could not be more scarred from the sights that I had seen that day!  The best part was that, his dad was coming down the stairs, saw him and said... "Hey the Sisters are here, get some clothes on!"  Haha.

We couldn't help but laugh for the rest of the day.

I'm sorry this is so long, hopefully none of you fell asleep.

Have a good week, and hope to hear from all of you soon! :)

-Sister Lindsay Holcomb :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 8


So this past week has been realllyyy busy.  It's also seemed pretty slow compared to the weeks before.  But time is definitely is slipping away.

This past week we visited a family who is a part member and less active.  They are very open to visit with us and very friendly.  We are going to find out this week if the non member wife is interested in taking the lessons.  We also might be teaching the 11 year old daughter and the 14 year old daughter as well.

We also got to teach a lady with Alzheimer's.  When we taught the lesson on Tuesday she was very receptive to the spirit and started remembering things that we had taught her from the week before.  It's so cool to see how God puts his hand into peoples lives.  Because God does love each and everyone of us, and he definitely shows it.

Also, we got to share a message with a older single lady.  
She's a member and she told us that she's going on a mission!!  How awesome that is!

Then on Tuesday night we had our first Sister Exchange.  That's where we switch companions for 24 hours and learn and grow from each other.  My switch sister was Sister Neal.  She's AWESOME!  I learned so much from her.  :)

The weather gets hotter and hotter everyday!  I don't think I've ever been this tan in my life..  haha.  Here's the sweet watch tan I have. :P

And all through out this week we have found 6 new potenial investigators.  Its pretty awesome.  By the way, I wasn't transferred last week so feel free to write :)

I have to go now, but hope to hear from you all soon   :)

4776 E. Guadalupe Dr.

Gilbert, AZ 85234

-Sister Holcomb :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 7... it's official, I'm an awkward missionary.

Well it's Week 7 and I didn't get transferred.  Its a good thing because I love this area.  Such a pretty place and all the members are awesome.  Today is my "2 month" birthday of being a missionary.  Next week will be 8 weeks of me being in AZ.  Its been getting hotter, and I'm feeling it all coming. 

This past week was pretty slow.  Last Monday, I was just getting over my bike accident, being that I sprained my ankle and my knee was super sore from crashing on the cement.  Monday night I start getting really nauseated, and woke up with a 100.8 fever.  NOT COOL.  So I ended up with the fever... Uh random much?  So it took me out for about 2 days, well Sister Collins still wanted to go the appointments that we had made, although she was feeling a little weezy too.  Well later that day, since I had to stay at a members house, she ended up getting sick too.  So we were basically out the whole week with the flu!

Friday night was pretty good though.  We were a little eager to get out, but still a little queazy.  We went to a few appointments, and contacted a few people.  We ended up setting an appointment up with 2 people!!  Yay!!  It was pretty exciting to see what the Lord has in store for us each day!

ALSO!  Yesterday, I got to talk with my familia!!  Its pretty exciting to see how much my family has grown, and to just talk with them!  It was great! I miss them alot! 

This week is going to be great!  I know it already, I can feel it!  I hope all the best for you guys back home and wish that you all could be here with me experiencing everything with me. 

Hope to talk with you guys soon. My address is still the same, so feel free to write me! (;

4776 E. Guadalupe Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85234

-Sister Holcomb 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 6- Possible Transfer

Hola Amigos!

This week wasn't to crazy compared to the other ones, but we did have a few awesome things happen through out the week.  But I think the highlight of this week was the bike crash... DUN DUN DUN!! Haha!

Yes, its true... I, Sister Holcomb crashed on my bike.  I totally knew it was gonna happen at some point but not this soon.  The crazy thing is.. my thick Nike spandex now have a whole in the knee.  I'm so sad, but glad at the same time.  If I would have been wearing short leggings then the cement would have tore up my knee.  Luckily I only sprained my ankle. Not sure still whats wrong with my knee.  Its in a lot of pain still. 

Some other cool stuff that happened is that we finally met with the Spanish family.  The elders told us that they had a feeling about letting us teach the girl that we had met first and they would just teach the family.  THEY ARE SO PREPARED!  The grandparents are already super involved with church and its so cool because last night we had a lesson and the spirit was there!  You could tell.  We had a member, who is actually the ward mission leader, there with us.  He went to Guatemala for his mission so he knows Spanish to translate for us.  :) 

There was also a catholic man that we met last week.  He believes through fact and not faith, so all we could do was testify to him.  He told us that he would accept a Book of Mormon, if we would accept his catholic bible.  So we did, we traded him.  After giving the Book of Mormon to him we told him that if he prayed to God to know if the book was true that through the power of the Holy Ghost that he would receive an answer.  We haven't followed up with him yet but we are hoping that something will come of it, if not soon then hopefully later.

Another crazy thing that happened this week is that we were texting the scripture of the day, and one of our investigators who we had been trying to contact for weeks texted us back!!!!  She asked us if we were available soon and we are like, DUH!!  So we finally got to meet her this week.  She told us that she had been struggling and that she knew the text was a sign from God.  We had discussed the scripture that we sent her (Mosiah 24:14-15) and she said she hadn't even looked at it yet, and she started to cry.  We knew that the scripture we had sent was inspired just for her.  :)

This week is also transfer week.  We woke up this morning to a voice mail stating that we had to basically prepare to moved to another area.  Which means that there IS a possibility that we could be moved.  There's so much going on with Sister Training Leaders, and the new Mission President coming in July and also since the mission boundaries are changing that we might have the possibility of changing missions!  Crazy town!  But its time for me to go!

Love all you guys, and keep safe!

-Sister Holcomb (:

Week 5

Sorry for posting late!!

This week went by super quick.  CRAZY.  Well we had another great lesson, with the lady that has been investagating the church for a year.  She commited to pray to know what to do, because she's going through a struggle and we promised her that if she asked God for help he would give her an answer. We have a lesson with her tomorrow. Hope all goes well!

If some of you haven't heard yet. There are now going to be Sister Training Leaders. Its pretty exciting. 

So since that came about, we had a Sister Training meeting. It was super awesome! And since that meeting lasted from 10am-5pm we only had like 2.5 hours of teaching and contacting time. WE TAUGHT THREE LESSONS.. Just from people that we talked to on the street. They were all awesome, and followed the spirit by teaching them what they needed to hear.
Something else that's cool that we do, is called: S.O.T.D. (Scripture of the day) where we send a text to people to uplift them. I love doing it, sometimes we get responses and there always saying Thank you and that makes me feel good. Its something that we should all try and do. Uplift others always.

Oh funny story from this past week, we had just gotten out of a dinner appt. and we were talking to him hoping he'd be interested in hearing what we had to teach him. But he said he wasn't interested. SUPER nice guy. We talk about how families have to opportunity to be together for ever through the gospel. He told us how much he loved his family and start telling us about his kids.. Well I was testifying about how I love this gospel BECAUSE we can be with our family forever and he interrupted me by saying these exact words...

" You look like my son, he's very handsome... Not that you're handsome, you're beautiful.. but you look like him"

Uh............... What do you say to that?! First of all I was like rudeeee.. Then I was just being nice and said thank you... and then he continues to say that his son is 13 years old.... Cooooool. So I look like a 13 year old

But yeah thats the update for the weeekk!

Oh yeah, so my family is SO AWESOME! I got a package and it made my week! Love you guys!

Hope to hear from you guys soon! I'm gonna be in the area for next week and most likely not getting transferred, if I do I will know by next Sunday!

-Sister Holcomb (: