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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 26, Ken's Baptism!

There wasnt much that happened this week, sorry for the short update. But we had a baptism and I think that was the most exciting thing that could ever happen. Here's some pictures to sum it up.
First picture is Sister Carroll and I with Ken.

The second one is a picture of Elder Hatch, Elder Thornton, and Ken.

The third one is a picture of both of us Sisters, Forrest Babbit (who baptized Ken) and Ken.

And the last one is Ken, the ward mission leader (Brother Holland) and us.

Sorry for the shortest update ever.. Hope you all have a good week!

And just for fun some pictures of scorpions!!

-Sister Holcomb :)

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Week 25, You can call me Hermana Holcomb!

Soy la Hermana Holcomb y, la misionera de la inglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias! So thats pretty much the extent of my spanish learning for this last week. We went on exchanges with the spanish sisters training leaders and had most of the day in spanish. I also learned how to say my testimony in espanol :) Yo se, Jesucristo vive y, El nos ama y mediante la expecion todos podemos tener el perdon. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyways this week was full of suprises including having to speak in spanish, pretty much all day. I'll start with Monday, good ole p-day. We played basketball with our district, because the zone leaders never told us that they were going to be late and apparently it was at a diffrent building. It was kinda frustrating, but turned out anyway.  We had a lesson with a less active member of the church, we taught about patience.
Tuesday we district meeting which was awesome, as always. We also had a lesson with Linda and Matthew. They both went really well, both getting ready and preparing for baptism. :)  We also had a Sister Mtg. Which to me was kinda strange. Personally I dont enjoy being in large groups of young women. And when I say large, I mean about 45 sisters. We mostly just asked questions about anything, and it was funny because all the questions that the sisters had were in the white handbook anyways. && THANK YOU FYFFE'S FOR THE PACKAGE :)

Wednesday we met with Linda again to teach her more! She's so awesome! :)
Thursday was the exchange day! I was Hermana Holcomb for a day! :P  Also that night I got the call from Sister Carroll, that Linda's friend had passed away the night before and decided that she wanted her baptism on the 14th, instead of the 21st! So we had our first baptism!  It was great! She told us that she connected with us immediatly and that she wouldnt have joined the church if it wasnt for us. :)
Friday we spent most of the day preparing for Linda's baptism, had a lesson with Matthew, and had Linda's baptism interview! It was defiently a crazy day!!
Saturday we had Linda's baptism and went to LOTS of ward parties :) with LOTS of yummy food. :P
Sunday, Linda was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. :) And one year from Saturday she can go through the temple to recieve her endowments!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 24 Going on Strong & Fulfilling my Purpose!

Hello Everyone! This week was AMAZING! We literally had something going on every single day this week! There literally have been so many miracles and blessings that I was able to experience this week.
 As normal we start the week off with Preparation day, last Monday was more relaxed then normal. We didnt ever end up playing basketball, but we got the chance to just chill in our apartment. Which was kinda nice, but at the same time I was bummed we never got to play!
Tuesday, we had district meeting. Which was fantastic we learned how to work with members to further the missionary work. Our District Leader is new at being a disrict leader, but he is fantastic. Definelty has the spirit with him, as he teaches. Every district meeting I try to learn something new everytime, and I learned lots from this last meeting. It was pretty great!
Temple Trip Wednesday! Which is always a great blessing to be able to go to the Temple and have it be so close is another. Back home, the temple is almost 2 hours away, but here as a mission we get to visit the temple every 6 weeks. We always try and recieve some spiritual insight on those days. And I think that day, we really did. We were able to have lessons with our investagators. Linda, the one we had been teaching ever since we got into the area, committed her to be baptized by the 21st of Sept. She is completely ready! Its so exciting. Keep her in your prayers! We also commited another investagator to baptism, his name is Matthew. We committed him for the 28th of Sept. We started teaching him last week, and he is also SO prepared. Its WAY exciting! Prayers are much appreieated for both!

Zone Confrence was great also! We had that Thursday. Since the zone's recently split we had zone confrence with multiple zones. It was fun though. We learned lots about continuing to work hard, even through the  are harder times. It was pretty motivating.

Also, I got a sweet package from Emily, Morgan, & Shanice! THANKS YOU GUYS! ♥

Of course, planning meeting was on Friday. LOADS. of fun. haha.
And personally my favorite day of the week, Saturday.. and no, not because its the weekend, missionaries dont really get weekends. Elder Neil L. Anderson, an apostle of the Lord, called of God, came and visited our mission. We got the wonderful privelage and blessing of being able to be in the presence of a servant of the Lord. Long story short, we were planning on getting a picture with him as a mission so we had to all line up and get ready for the picture. While we waited for about 15 mins in a VERY tight postion (being theres about 140 in the mission so far) We sang while we waited. We were singing, the church hymn: "Nearer, my God to Thee" and as he walked in, I couldn't help but tear up and cry. I had recieved a wittness from the spirit that he, Elder Anderson, WAS an apostle of God, that Jesus Christ really does love me and that I'm His daughter, God's daughter. The spirit was so strong, defiently worth waiting 15 mins in a uncomfortable stance, thats for sure.
I know that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints IS True! I'm so grateful for it. I know that if you just take the time to learn about it, if you don't already know about it,  that it will bless your life. I love you all, and miss you dearly. Thank you for all your support and love.
Love always,
Sister Holcomb :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 23! Lets go toad hunting! :P

Hello Everyone! 

I feel bad for the past couple of weeks not writing huge updates about whats been going on recently, so this one Ill try to get everything in here. First off I'd like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD!!!! You're the best parents a daughter could have. I've truly been blessed by Heavenly Father with you too. Even though things are never perfect with us, you still show love, and I'm so grateful for that. LOVE YOUUU!!!

And ALSO, since today is my parents anniversary. It's also my 6 months! .... not that I'm counting ;) 1 more year to serve the Lord, and to be home again with my family! :) Missionaries keep telling me I won't want to go home, but I half believe it. I'll be excited to be with my family again, but I'll also not wanna go back and do harder things. A mission is just prepping me I guess. 

This week was awesome, we had all sorts of miracles happen to us. Monday, we did normal pday activities, and we were playing basketball... and for some reason.. I am actually getting good. Practice does make perfect ;) I shot almost 10 baskets and 4 of them were 3 pointers. So that was a pretty awesome "miracle" haha.  We were able to eat with one of the Bishops and we went to a Local restaurant called, Tia Rosa's ... literally THEE best mexican I've ever tasted.  YUMM :) It was fun getting to know the family also. There SO adorable. 

We got to teach one of our investigators named Matthew. His mom is a inactive member and dad isn't a member. Well, Matthew had been going to church with one of his LDS friends and brought up to his mom that he wanted to get baptized. So she told one of the members of the ward, and he passed on the message to us, and thats when we got to teach him. He doesn't have much of a religious background so we had to kinda be slow with him and made sure he understood everything, but it was a great lesson. We taught him about the Restoration of the church and why its important. We also taught about the Book of Mormon, and the Prophet Joseph Smith, and that if we pray for an answer He (God) will give it to us.  There spirt was DEF there and it was a great experience. 

We taught Ken, another investigator this week. We felt that it would be good to show him the Restoration movie. There spirit was there, he said that he felt it. And what the cool thing was, was that he described it like it was. He said he got the chills, and that he just felt this love and warmth. IT WAS AWESOME. We recommitted him to baptism for the 21st of Sept. PLEASE everyone, keep him in your prayers! He's ready, he just doesn't know it fully. 

This week we literally had 8 hours of planning. The Zone Leaders thought it would be a good idea to have every plan thoughtfully and carefully. Literally, everyone procrastinated till the last 4 hours... :( So hopefully we get focused for this week.

And last but not least, we went Toad Hunting.. you heard me right. :) It poured down rain for about an hour.. Felt like I was in the Northwest again ;) But it felt good. And in Arizona, when it rains all the Toads come out.. Literally you can see them on the street, and hear them its SO gross! Haha. We caught like... 5 of them! 

Anyway, fun week! Thank you for all the letters! I feel the love! :)

Love, Sister Holcomb :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 22- BUSYYY we so BUSYYY!

This last week was filled with all kinds of emotions. Stressed, happy, upset and excited! The following content contains.

This last Tuesday was transfer meeting, we didnt get transferred but our zone split. :( The boundries of our zone however dont really make sense. Oh well.

We had lots of lessons this week with all of our investagators. And also picked up 2 new investagators.

We put one of our investagators on date, then found out that he was wanted in the state of Texas.... So he cant be baptized until he has completely repented of his sin.

The first lesson that we had with one of our new investagators was great! We taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong! And then a few days ago a member called us and told us that there was a 12 year old that we needed to teach, and that his parents said it was okay! Yay!

I've started running again with Sister Carroll and yeah it was rough.. Super sore.. Super outta shape! But soon I'll be back into it!

Anywho, thank you for all of you who have written me snail mail! I love it! Have a great week, and remember all of those who seek truth will find it!

♥, Sister Holcomb
1001 N. Burk st.
Gilbert AZ 85234