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Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 23! Lets go toad hunting! :P

Hello Everyone! 

I feel bad for the past couple of weeks not writing huge updates about whats been going on recently, so this one Ill try to get everything in here. First off I'd like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD!!!! You're the best parents a daughter could have. I've truly been blessed by Heavenly Father with you too. Even though things are never perfect with us, you still show love, and I'm so grateful for that. LOVE YOUUU!!!

And ALSO, since today is my parents anniversary. It's also my 6 months! .... not that I'm counting ;) 1 more year to serve the Lord, and to be home again with my family! :) Missionaries keep telling me I won't want to go home, but I half believe it. I'll be excited to be with my family again, but I'll also not wanna go back and do harder things. A mission is just prepping me I guess. 

This week was awesome, we had all sorts of miracles happen to us. Monday, we did normal pday activities, and we were playing basketball... and for some reason.. I am actually getting good. Practice does make perfect ;) I shot almost 10 baskets and 4 of them were 3 pointers. So that was a pretty awesome "miracle" haha.  We were able to eat with one of the Bishops and we went to a Local restaurant called, Tia Rosa's ... literally THEE best mexican I've ever tasted.  YUMM :) It was fun getting to know the family also. There SO adorable. 

We got to teach one of our investigators named Matthew. His mom is a inactive member and dad isn't a member. Well, Matthew had been going to church with one of his LDS friends and brought up to his mom that he wanted to get baptized. So she told one of the members of the ward, and he passed on the message to us, and thats when we got to teach him. He doesn't have much of a religious background so we had to kinda be slow with him and made sure he understood everything, but it was a great lesson. We taught him about the Restoration of the church and why its important. We also taught about the Book of Mormon, and the Prophet Joseph Smith, and that if we pray for an answer He (God) will give it to us.  There spirt was DEF there and it was a great experience. 

We taught Ken, another investigator this week. We felt that it would be good to show him the Restoration movie. There spirit was there, he said that he felt it. And what the cool thing was, was that he described it like it was. He said he got the chills, and that he just felt this love and warmth. IT WAS AWESOME. We recommitted him to baptism for the 21st of Sept. PLEASE everyone, keep him in your prayers! He's ready, he just doesn't know it fully. 

This week we literally had 8 hours of planning. The Zone Leaders thought it would be a good idea to have every plan thoughtfully and carefully. Literally, everyone procrastinated till the last 4 hours... :( So hopefully we get focused for this week.

And last but not least, we went Toad Hunting.. you heard me right. :) It poured down rain for about an hour.. Felt like I was in the Northwest again ;) But it felt good. And in Arizona, when it rains all the Toads come out.. Literally you can see them on the street, and hear them its SO gross! Haha. We caught like... 5 of them! 

Anyway, fun week! Thank you for all the letters! I feel the love! :)

Love, Sister Holcomb :)

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