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Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 28, General Confrence!!!

This week was great! Monday last week we had a game changer. Our district leader called us, and told us that Sister Carroll was getting transferred.  So at transfer meeting, I met my new companion. Her name is Sister Stovall, she's from Sandy, UT. She's a convert to the church and she is a great sister missionary! Oh! And she has short hair like me too! :P

Basically this week was helping Sister Stovall to know the area and members. Which was an adventure! We got a media referrals for a girl who is interested in learning more about the church which we are excited to teach her. We also had a promising street contact that we are also probably gonna start teaching, but we will see. :)
And I think the most exciting thing about this week was General Conference!!! For those of you who don't know what general conference is, its 2 weekends a year about 6 months apart, where we as the entire world get to hear and listen to the counsels from Prophet Thomas S. Monson and his apostles. :) Its really cool too because all of them receive revelation for a topic to speak on, and all of the topics are related!

Here is one of my favorite talks from this past weekend!
I love this talk because EVERYONE can either relate to it, or knows someone who could use it.
All the talks this weekend were great, and anyone that needs some comfort of the Savior should definitely tune in. I know I felt myself getting closer to the Savior. He is there with open arms and He hears your prayers always.
-Sister Holcomb :)

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