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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 57- The Lord is showing His Tender Mercies!!

HOW IS EVERYONE?! Well if you wondering how I'm doing, IM DOING SOOO GOOD! Another fantastic week in the Santan Valley! We have had a lot of great experiences happen to us this week! We have had alot of great lessons and a lot of teaching opportunities come our way!
The family that we started teaching last week has taken a leap of faith, and has committed to be baptized! They are being baptized the 17th of May and are so excited! We are excited seeing the change of there family and the willingness to change there ways, and life style and become more like the Savior!
Don't have much more time to type anymore but it was a great week, enjoy the pictures!
-Sister Holcomb :)

Bell Vista... Our zone name is Bella Vista

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