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Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 60?! ALREADY!?

So this week was pretty much AMAZING!! I have lots of good things to tell & show! (Yes, that means lots of good pictures! :)  Monday we got busy with normal p day things and than after 6 pm we have lots of good missionary stuff to day! Well this last Monday was FULL of appointments! We had a appointment with a member family at 6, but than that fell through so we went back and made brownies and other treats for the Family Home Evening that we were having with Randy and Krystal and the Bishop. It was way fun! (OH; and just to give you an update about Randy and Krystal, they weren't baptized last weekend because they wanted to have more time to learn more and they told us that they weren't ready, but that's okay, because we wouldn't want them to be forced into it anyway) But the Family Home evening was great! We had another family home evening with a member family and taught them about missionary work! Ended the night at there house and went home and crashed! 

Tuesday was awesome, we had studies, district meeting and than we had lunch and headed over to a members house to help her clean. She was stressed about how messy the house was, and trying to get school work done, so we got it all fixed up.  We had few lessons later that night, one with a recently baptized member, and also with Krystal and Randy! It was great! 

Wednesday we had a great day! WE GOT TO GO TO THE GILBERT TEMPLE!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! First time doing a session there and it was so peaceful and gorgeous!!! We went to kneaders for lunch and went on exchanges as soon as we got back, with Hermana Baria! She is a Spanish speaking sister , from LACEY WA!! We actually from talking, found out we went to the same EFY session back in 2011 :) We had a member appointment with a family, and taught them about family history! 

Thursday we had normal studies. Then the Zone Leaders came over and we trained them with the new missionary training, it was pretty fun! President is having us train and review the training, so that we can refresh on the basic fundamentals! We contacted a few people that were interested, but they weren't home :( We had a lesson with Cheyenne who is a less active member that's coming back to church. She learned this last week about the plan of salvation, and she loves it! We even drew her out a visual so that she could understand it better! 

Friday we had weekly planning, and lunch with Sister Gallego's and her family. She posted my video of "Holcomb Harlem Shake", so everyone in the ward knows me as the Harlem Shake Sister now... hahaha. We went over to the Robinson's to read the Book of Mormon with them and ended up helping them clean because they weren't feeling well. But we ended up sharing a scripture with them and it was good. :)  

Saturday we didn't end up having the baptism for Krystal and Randy, but that's alright because we got other opportunities to serve and it gave us more time to prepare them even more! We went over to a member that recently moved into the neighborhood and helped her unpack, she is so sweet. She fed us lunch and then we went back and got ready, met with President Nattress for a little. Went to dinner at the high council men's house. And afterward, we went home and crashed!

Sunday I woke up with a sore throat, and a throbbing headache. We went to the first ward of the day, and I couldn't sit there without feeling sick, so we went to our lesson with Bryan (a members boyfriend that we are teaching) and taught him about the plan of salvation and he committed to be baptized on the 26th of July! The reason, he committed so far in the future is so that he could get baptized, by the members son (who is at BYU-I right now) Anyway, so after the lesson my head was going to explode!!! We went home, and I slept for a few hours, woke up and felt soooo nauseous. Long story short, I got the flu, and etc.... So I'm feeling a lot better, but still kind of shaky. 

But anyways, the one great thing Ive learned this week, is to doubt your doubts before you doubt your fears. And also, so "endure it well" I have had alot of things going on recently that I have been having a hard time with it , but I KNOW that if I endure it, and doubt not that I will be blessed in the end. I know that for each and everyone of you! Its been a great experience to be a missionary, I will never regret this experience, even if it is hard. Its crazy that I have been a missionary for almost 15 months!! I will not be called as a full time missionary anymore, but I still promise to do missionary work back home. Because I KNOW that everyone needs the blessings of the gospel! 

Hope you all stay safe and well! LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

-Sister Holcomb ♥
Gilbert AZ Mission


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