The Time in Arizonaa!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tomorrow is the day!!!

The count down is almost over! I report tomorrow at 1:00 pm. My parents left a few days ago, but Ive been spending time with Grandma. We've had lots of fun, she's living with the family that she nannys and there sooo cute. Im inlove with the kids. There all so fun and so welcoming.

Today my Grandma and I were able to go with the Fyffes to do a temple session at the Timpanoga Temple

And I met a few future Sister Missionaries as well! 

Guess what else!? I finally got to meet one of the Sisters (Her name is Katie, cant remember her last name at the moment) that is going to the same mission as me, crazy that we ran into eachother and happen to be at the same temple. Long story short, we had connected through facebook and found out we were reporting the same day and serving the same mission. Its so crazy we ran into eachother!!!

Plus we have the same CTR ring! We are meant to be best friends & hopefully someday companions!

mine is the left and hers is the right.

The day ended with us going to dessert to get frozen yogurt, it was yummy!!
and yes Grandma let me drive her car! (;

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