The Time in Arizonaa!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


HERE'S MY ADDRESS for the next 5 weeks.

WRITE ME!!!   (:
4776 E Guadalupe Dr.
Apartment #1036
Gilbert AZ, 85234

First off the MTC was amazing!  I met lots of great people, gained a stronger testimony of prayer, scripture reading, and of this gospel.  I've learned so much its crazy.  I can't tell you how much I love this gospel and the blessing I've been able to receive from it.  My first companion was sister Krazter! (We happen to meet before we entered the MTC at the temple.  So pretty cool that we ended up companions. A picture of us is in my last post.)  She's great and has also played a part in my learning. We learned and grew from each other.  My district was made up of people that were serving in Arizona and Oakland/San Fransisco CA. Once the 2 weeks in the MTC were done... Which by the way, I'm sad more of you didn't write me.  :( 

At the end of those 2 weeks it was time to head to ARIZONA!!  We woke up at 3:30 am to get ready and then got on the bus to Salt Lake at 5 am, got to the airport at 6:30, got to call my family, and then headed to Tempe AZ around 8:00 am.  The excitement and nervous feeling overwhelmed me as we landed! THIS IS FOR REAL!  I'm going to blessing peoples lives with the gospel!  After getting off the plane, we were greeted by the mission president and his wife.  They're ADORABLE!

This is the group of missionaries with whom she arrived at the Arizona Tempe Mission.

We spent the night at a members house and they were SO nice.  The next morning we met at the church and gave talks, had orientation and assigned us to our companions that we would be have for the next 6 weeks.

We have a car in my first area but are limited on miles so should be using our bike too.  It isn't to hot yet, it's been around 80.  I already have a watch and shoe tan line.  :P

Yep that says Sister Holcomb!!  This was after arriving in Arizona.

My companions name is Sister Collins, she is the sweetest girl EVER!  We are so alike and its pretty awesome.  Well... That all.   OH Wait, we also have an appointment with a guy named Darien. WE ARE SOOOO PSYCHED!

Hope all is well with you guys! Miss you and write me soon <3

-Sister Holcomb

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