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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 8


So this past week has been realllyyy busy.  It's also seemed pretty slow compared to the weeks before.  But time is definitely is slipping away.

This past week we visited a family who is a part member and less active.  They are very open to visit with us and very friendly.  We are going to find out this week if the non member wife is interested in taking the lessons.  We also might be teaching the 11 year old daughter and the 14 year old daughter as well.

We also got to teach a lady with Alzheimer's.  When we taught the lesson on Tuesday she was very receptive to the spirit and started remembering things that we had taught her from the week before.  It's so cool to see how God puts his hand into peoples lives.  Because God does love each and everyone of us, and he definitely shows it.

Also, we got to share a message with a older single lady.  
She's a member and she told us that she's going on a mission!!  How awesome that is!

Then on Tuesday night we had our first Sister Exchange.  That's where we switch companions for 24 hours and learn and grow from each other.  My switch sister was Sister Neal.  She's AWESOME!  I learned so much from her.  :)

The weather gets hotter and hotter everyday!  I don't think I've ever been this tan in my life..  haha.  Here's the sweet watch tan I have. :P

And all through out this week we have found 6 new potenial investigators.  Its pretty awesome.  By the way, I wasn't transferred last week so feel free to write :)

I have to go now, but hope to hear from you all soon   :)

4776 E. Guadalupe Dr.

Gilbert, AZ 85234

-Sister Holcomb :)

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