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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 14! It's getting HOT down here!!

Hey Everyone!

This past week has been GREAAAT!!

Monday we had prep day of course. But it was great, after that we went over to the Halberts for din din, and Bro. Holacher was over because his family had left for Cali the whole week.  He is HILARIOUS.  He told lots of great stories about his mission which are always funny and about his crazy companions.

It's 118!  I think I'll go for a swim.  NO!

Remember the less active I was telling you about?  Well as it all went down, she realized that the church was true.  She's still struggling with the cancer but realizes with God's help she can tough it out.  Just because she believed didn't mean it made life easier.  She just had the strength to keep pushing through.

We had one last temple trip with our mission, since everyone is being put into different missions. But it was fun.  And speaking of changing missions. Here's the address you can send mail to ALSO. If you please..

1001 N. Burk St.
Gilbert, AZ 85234

After the Temple we were able to go to the Visitor's Center with a members friend.  Her name is Tana and she is so interested in our religion, she sees something different and great about it and wants to be apart of it.  She's solid.  :)  She's super interested in family history too and was able to start some. She found out that a few generations back, they were Mormon (LDS)

One of the dinners we had this week was fun. Crazy kids, breakfast for dinner and the kids asked us the most crazy questions... like I really had to think about the answer.

A members friend's boyfriend said he was interested in the church... but because he is 20, we had to have the Elders teach him..  :(   That's like the 10th referral we have given the Elders.  haha.  Maybe we are in the area to help them though.

I found out on Thursday I had laryngitis.. It was kinda lame cuz I couldn't talk in the 3 lessons we had that day.  But I was able to drink milkshakes and slushies because it hurt to swallow.  And in that same night, we got 2 referrals!!  We were in the right place at the right time!

We had our first official lesson with Montana. I still couldn't talk but I could whisper so we did the lesson half whispering.

Saturday morning we got to do our first day of service.  And since we were helping someone move into apartments in the area that I cover we got to wear normal clothing, pants and a tshirt (since I don't have jean shorts) But it was cool because now she's one of our new investigators. Her name is Claire. And on the same day that we dropped off all the progress records for the Bishops and ward mission leaders, it was 118 degrees.  HOT!
The hottest day I had been in, EVER!

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Anyway good week, and good weeks to come. I love serving the Lord in ARIZONA!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

With ♥,
Sister Holcomb

Sister Collins and Sister Holcomb

New companion Sister Adams

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