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Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 33, Yay!! no transfer for me!!

This week for some reason felt like it went by so quick but then at the same time it went by SUPER slow.. long days and fast weeks, I guess.. Haha, First off Happy Veterans Day! I just wanna start off by thanking all of you who I know who have served! Thank you for your service and the opportunity you have given me and many others to protect our country and the freedoms we have; So thank you!!
This week like I said was so crazy but it was super fun. Monday was as usual was PDAY! We ended up having dinner and FHE with the Sanchez Family! They took us to this really awesome yummy snow cone place down near the San tan Mall. Cant remember what its called though..
Monday night to Tuesday night we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. Instead of switching she just came with me and Sister Stovall to our area. Sister Anderson is awesome!
Wednesday we taught the seminary class about the temple open house and how they can invite there friends. It was super fun!! :)
Thursday we had interviews with President and a training on how to sanctify ourselves! It was great!
Friday we had planning.
And Saturday we had a awesome, "I didn't get married, I went on a mission instead" party, thrown by Sister Sanchez. :)) It was so much fun! :)
Sunday we had a musical number in the Mt Ranch ward, and All of our investigators came to church! yay! Great week for sure!
Thanks so much for all the support and love!
Love, Sister Holcomb

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