The Time in Arizonaa!

Monday, February 17, 2014


So guess what? There are 52 weeks in a year.... I've been out for 44... TIME FLIES!!! I cant believe that Ive been out for almost a year!!!
Anyways this week was fantastic! The Gilbert temple is giving us the great opportunity for missionary work, I can see some of the blessings of the open house unfolding for us and our investigators!
Monday was the norm crazy busy prep day for the week, Tuesday was the day that was busy(... well and the rest of the week!) We had a lesson with a RC, we mostly just did service for her actually but then shared and scripture and left. She has these cute parakeet birds and we helped clean the cage.
Wednesday we went to the seminary class to follow up with the students about the Gilbert Temple house invites with there friends, and it was cool to see how strong the youth are. They all raised there hands when we asked them of who of them invited there friends to the open house!  We had a lesson with Rebecca that day, she is still on track to be baptized. Her husband wants to baptize her so it might be pushed back to the 1st instead of the 8th though. Then for the rest of the night we had tours for the temple! So fun!

Thursday we had lots of cool things happen too. I love being a missionary!!! We did the morning shift for the temple tours from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm and it was so great!  Then RIGHT after we got done we had to speed over to a lesson with Rebecca, which was great! She is so ready for baptism, plus I know she would be a great member of the church! (: Right after the lesson with Rebecca we went straight over to the lesson with Lauren, then we went to the temple with her family (: It was a great experience and after we were done at the temple we went out to YC's, its a super yummy place to eat Mongolian grill food! 

Friday was also a great day! We had normal planning with the zone and we had a few appointments too! One with Donna and one with Lauren, right after Laurens lesson, we had dinner with the Waghers and headed to the temple with there non member neighbors! They also brought there 2 grandkids, and they were so CUTE! They little boy just kept saying, "Look Grandma, its the big castle…. do we get to go inside?"  

Saturday was a super big day for us as well, We went to the temple with Rebecca and her family (Rebecca is the one with the pink shirt on) and we ALSO went to the temple with Donna and her family as well! We talked a lot to her daughter Erin, who is also participating in the Cultural Celebration, about taking the lessons, and she said yes! So we are excited to start teaching her as well (:  After going to the temple with Donna and her family they took us to this place called Joe's Farm Grill and its super yummy! 

Sunday we had church like normal and a lesson with Lauren in-between both wards! She is ready for her baptismal interview this week and her baptism this Saturday the 1st! Wooohooo!!! 

But this week was all about the temple and teaching and busy missionary work! I hope all of to those who are reading this, that your weeks are fantastic! More to come next week! May the Lord bless you in all you do! Love and Miss you all like crazy!! (:

Here's a quote that I'd all like for you to read! 

“I can see the future unfold before us to where we will have greater opportunity to teach the gospel with the new methods, with new opportunities that we have never had.” —Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve

For behold this is my work, and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man Moses 1:39 -- Ponder on that, pray on that, and help out your missionaries! Let's be united in the work of salvation, (or missionary work) and we will always have success! 

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