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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 43! Im no longer a teen!!!!

This last week, was pretty fantastic!! Monday was mostly pday and we prepped with President Nattress for the upcoming open house of the Gilbert Temple. We went over what we would be apart of for the open house and what our shifts would be, considering we still have to manage our areas and be apart of the open house! Talk about stress and fun all mixed in one! 

Tuesday was normal with District meeting, had another training for the temple and we had a lesson with Rebecca and it was super good! She is now on date for baptism for the 1st of February! She is so prepared and she doesn't really realize it. Its funny because we asked her to be baptized and she is like, "That's just a goal, right?" And we told her yes, but then we also told her that we prayed about that day, and that we were very confident she could be ready by that day and I think that helped her a little bit. (:

Wednesday was also a pretty successful day!  We had 2 lessons!  

One with Donna and another with Rebecca! We taught Donna about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. And we taught Rebecca about the plan of salvation! Both lessons were a success!! 

Thursday was a rough day, I started getting sick again. The congestion from whats been going around hit me like a brick wall. We mostly stayed in side. I felt like my head was going to blow up! 

Friday we had a lesson with Lauren and Donna! They both went great! Put Lauren on date for the 1st as well. We have been trying to get a date for her for baptism but its hard to meet more then once a week, So hopefully we'll keep with this date! 

Saturday was probably the busiest day of the week! We woke up earlier then normal so that we could get ready for the TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE! Yes, its true I got to work with the temple stuff on my birthday! (: After the 4 hour shift of working at the temple we had a lesson with Lauren, Rebecca and then we had dinner with a member, who made me an AWESOME dinner! And these members know how to spoil me!!!  I came home after dinner to a package of flowers (: Thanks Grant!

Best week, in a while! We were busy with the Lord's work, and that's the thing that truly makes me happy (:  

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