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Sunday, March 16, 2014

THE BIG 50 WEEKS! Officially 6 months left!

So this past week, yet again was an enormous blessing and of course tons of miracles happened! Of course Monday was the normal crazy day where we just do things to get ready for the week, same ole, same ole! Email, shopping, laundry and what not! Tuesday was more of a crazy day for us! Tuesday mornings are regular for us to have the same "new missionary meeting" and then district meeting, where we receive training. This last week was the whole zone together for training from the district and zone leaders! Had several member lessons, and contacted a ton! Wednesday was great as well, we talked with lots of members of what we could do to help missionary work move forward, and bounced ideas off of each other! Thursday we contacted a referral given to us by a member, she has cancer and were going over to offer service. But she wasn't feeling well, so we thought we stop over another time. We had an appointment with one of our current investigators, Sherri. We taught the Restoration to her and she said she felt the spirit. It was a great lesson, we were on cloud 9! We stopped by a few less actives house and tried to share a message but no one answered the door. :(  Its starting to get warmer here so less and less people (not that a ton of people are outside anywaysss...) are outside or even home. Spring break is this week, so its gonna be a slower week than normal. But with great trials come great blessings! We also had a few more member lessons that day too! Its always great to hear the testimonies of members and what there stories are and everything! We were going around for a few hours on Thursday just street contacting and tracting and this little girl was inside her house and was like.... "LOSER" and we just responded with "Hey! How are you?" and than she said it again and hid when we looked where she was.. It was hilarious! Than later that day when were walking around we saw a bird just straight up drop an egg... and it was moving around and everything.. So sad :( The rest of the night we had member visits, which was nice! Friday was probably thee busiest day of the week we had weekly planning and than 3 appointments pretty close in time to each other. One with Sherri, one with Rebecca, and one with Linda (one of our recent converts) With Sherri, we taught about the first vision... The spirit was so strong and we were ready to invite her to be baptized. We helped her recognize that it was the spirit testifying of truth of what we taught. One of her kids than walked in and caused quite the commotion.. She knows what we taught is true & its so cool to see the spirit testify to people.
Saturday was full of contacting and Sunday, OH Sunday was the miracle for sure! Fast Sunday was thee best! To hear all the testimonies of the youth that participated in the celebration was awesome!  And Sherri, and her kids were at church as well. Sherri said that she really enjoyed testimony meeting and that she LOVED coming to church. The best part was the moment in Sacrament meeting when Noel, her daughter leaned over to me and Sister Wiggins and told us she wanted to go on a mission one day!  :')  Later on that day, she told her Mom (Sherri) on the way to the car that she wanted to go on a mission, and Sherri turns to her and says "Well honey, the first step is baptism" .... LIKE, it blew our minds! Sherri is so prepared!!!! So she knows why we are here, and how she can become closer to her Savior and its through baptism!!! We plan on inviting her to be baptized this week! And Noel is so cute! After her mom told her baptism was the first step, she said "Okay, but first I'm gonna come to church next Sunday, and every Sunday, and I'm gonna bring my scriptures!" She's 10!  She is so golden :) They are definitely a tender mercy of the Lord!
The Lord is definitely in this work! I love being a missionary, and I love that fact that I can experience things like this everyday! I know this work is true and I know that this gospel is true!
LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week! :)
--Sister Holcomb ♥

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