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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 49- The blessings of diligence!

This week has been full of wonderful blessings from our Father in heaven and we are so blessed to experience everything that has happened this week! Monday we had a lot on our plates and didn't have a lot of time to do everything that we needed to, we emailed, obviously the most important thing of the day (; then because we didn't have any money yet, we went and dyed my hair! Its back to brown because its way to expensive to keep up the red! We finished all normal pday things, napped, wrote letters, and what not. After that we taught a family, that we are currently teaching an FHE, we taught them the song "I am a child of God" and taught them the meaning and concept behind the song. It was a lot of fun, after that they fed us dinner and we had HUGE vienniza pizza! It was HUGE! After dinner we joined the Waghers for their families FHE! It was great, we talked about the atonement, and our favorite hymns! :) After a long day of all busy-ness we finally came back home and planned and crashed to sleep!
Tuesday was an even crazier day! A lot of disappointment, but that's where the Lord humbles us! We had 3 appointments scheduled with our investigators, but unfortunately all 3 canceled on us! We street contacted some catholic people, and got offered beer. Of course I kindly declined! HAHA! We were out with one of the Laurels when all of this was happening! and she is so awesome! She is my sisters age, so it was kinda of cool to experience missionary work with someone the same age as Sydney! We ate at a new family in the wards, house. It was great, she told us that she had used a pintrest recipe and it was fantastic! We shared a message with them and then chatted with them for a few! The husband talked about BYU and then Sister Wiggins had heard that there is a BYU cali?! So he looked it up, and we kind of decided it was fake : /
Wednesday was great and crazy and busy AGAIN! We had a zone temple trip, it was great! We brought a soon to be missionary with us from one of our wards and we talked about her mission. Its so cool to see how excited she is for her mission! She is going to Chicago West mission - Spanish speaking! After the temple trip we had to change the oil in our car so we did new missionary training hour on the IHOP bench outside the restaurant, we stopped by one of our recent converts house, and it was kind of last minute so we left for dinner and came back. We helped Lauren's mom organize some papers, other then that we couldn't teach because she just needed our help. We also tried setting up something to meet with her mom (since she isnt a member) but she was so busy with organizing it didn't follow through. Maybe this week, right after we left there house, we went to one of our wards correlations.... but no one was there. So we just went home and called members to set up times when we could come over and share a message with them. Fun stuff! :)
Thursday was just as busy, if not more busy then Wednesday was! Thursday I woke up not feeling very well, so not much got done, but we tried to do as much as possible. We didn't get out of the apartment till about 1 pm. We went by the Waghers to see if we could get sister Wiggins camera, because she had left it there the night before. But she wasn't home so we rode around on our bikes for a little and tried to talk to people so we could invite people to the Easter pageant, and we talked to about 5 people, when this mean lady just completely blew us off! She said, "I'm leaving, get out of the way" and got in her car. I just smiled and said, "have a great day!" I was a little heart broken but just saw her as a child of God. We had dinner with a new family in the ward that moved here from Payson, AZ and it was super fun! They fed us some good orange chicken and pot stickers! :)
Friday we had planning, and the zone ordered a pizza. Stopped by Donna's and met her mom that was in town from Cali and met her best friend who came for the dedication on Sunday. She also introduced the church to Donna when they came to a time out for women in Phoenix.
Saturday was kind of a slow day, but definitely still fun. We woke up and helped a members neighbor pack, because she is moving. Long story behind it, but it was fun helping her. After that we got dressed in our missionary clothes and went over to the HUGE field where they were doing the dress rehearsal for the cultural celebration! It was amazing!!!! Just to see how many youth were participating amazed me! After doing that we went over to the Waghers and helped her clean her house for a bit, went over to Donna's for the showing of the cultural celebration. It was so great! A member sent me the link, and you can watch it if you can!
Sunday was the dedication of the Gilbert AZ Temple, and it was so great! Sister Wiggins and I went to the morning dedication and it was a very beautiful ceremony :) It was cool to think that President Monson, our prophet was like 20 mins away from where we were! We went home after ward and ate lunch, we stopped by a recent convert and told them they could go to the dedication, we went to the 3 pm dedication, after ward had dinner at the Waghers, and Sister Waghers daughter did our nails :) After that we shared a message and went home!

This week like I said in the beginning was a great week and full of many wonderful blessings, I know this is theeee longest update that I have ever done, but I hope you enjoyed it! Love you all!
Here's my apartment address 3225 E. Baseline Rd #1115 Gilbert AZ, 85234
--Sister Holcomb :)

Here's the link to the cultural celebration for the Gilbert Arizona temple.. for those of you that can watch it :)

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