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Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 52; Queeeeeen Creeeeeek, out in the boonies!

Yes, I'm out in the boonies and desert and farmland of Arizona, it didn't come to as big of a shock to me considering Ive been in Gilbert and Mesa my entire mission, its been great though. It made me realize that you REALLY do love the people you serve. About 8:45 pm on Thursday night I broke down crying, because I was so overwhelmed and homesick... Not home sick of HOME, but homesick of my last area! I had learned to really love these people! The were my second family! But its alright, its never goodbye; Its see you later!

Anyways, Monday and Tuesday we spent a lot of time saying goodbye to members and getting pictures and spending time before I had to leave. It was kind of overwhelming considering the fact that I knew and had spent time with so many of these families! And of course I had to pack and try and figure out where everything would fit and all that!

Wednesday was transfer day!! And as you already know I was put into the Bella Vista zone! Which is technically in the San Tan Valley, but we are right next to the Queen Creek HS. Oh, here's my new address by the way! 1482 E. Maddison Circle San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 --
I also met my new companion; Sister Chase from Logan, UT. :) She is just the sweetest thing ever! We cover 2 wards and I can already tell this will be a good area! Lots of potentials for teaching and lots of people that we can help hear the gospel! After transfer meeting, and transporting all of our luggage and things, I had to drive back to the mission office with one of the sisters to get her drivers info turned in, and also we got lost.... but that's not a surprise considering I'm horrible at directions and sense of direction.. haha. Later that night we had an appointment with a member family, and stopped by the WML's house in one of the wards. Set goals for this next transfer and the ward and shared ideas. It was a great night! OH and I failed to mention that we live in our area, so we don't have a car and ride bikes EVERYDAY! This will be great for the last 6 months of my mission to keep in shape ;)
Thursday we cleaned ALL day! The house that we live in, was currently occupied by Elders and was so GROSS! We did all the needed and nitty gritty cleaning. I feel comfortable enough laying on the floor now if we wanted to! haha.It was so gross before hand I couldn't stand it!  Later that night we met with the WML in the other ward that we cover and had splits. We went by a few people including one of the investigators that they are currently teaching, named Linda. She is so sweet and is from Wisconsin. :)
Friday was of course crazy! I honestly don't think there wasn't a crazy day this week, all busy, but of course that's always good :) We had planning that morning, following planning, Sister Chase had to go to a training for the the 12 week trainees. It was really great, we received alot of inspiration for our area and we were also able to see all the sisters! After that meeting/training we were stopping by the mission office to see if there was any mail.. I didn't have any :( but we were trying to find our way there and we got lost... due to the fact that non of us knew were we were going. haha. We had an appointment to meet with a less active family, but we shared a scripture and got to know them, we talked to them about the importance of coming to church and all that! They said they would make it an effort to come to church!
Saturday was great and packed as well! We had a few miracles too! We contacted alot that day, but the miracle of that day was that we were contacting a former investigator and he answered the door and told us that the reason he stopped investigating the church was because some missionaries told him he couldn't come to church unless he stopped smoking and drinking, which wasn't true at all! He also told us that we could come back later, cuz he had company over! But miracles, as I have said before do really happen!
Sunday went well. We went to both wards, in the Pecan creek 2nd ward, they asked me to say the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting, which I have never done before... It was kind of intimidating, and they introduced me in front of the entire ward, and then Pecan creek 1st ward they asked me while they were announcing the rest of the program, to come and bare my testimony and tell a little about myself! Put on the spot? No problem! 
Anyways, hope y'all are having a great week and hope to hear from y'all soon!
God be with you all till next week!
♥ Sister Holcomb :)

That's my girl!

Good Bye Sister Wiggins and Bishop!

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