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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 63- Wow. 15 months?

On June 2nd, I hit my 15 month mark, its crazy to me. If feels like I've only been gone for a few at that. This week was great though! This is the second week that I've been with Sister Farmer and its been just hard work all day, every day! I love it! Also, we have been getting up everyday, at 5:30 am to work out with Krystal (Our Investigator). Its been great, because when I work out, I feel alot better! Anyway, this week was great. We worked hard, but also alot of appointments cancelled. So that was kind of a bummer!

Monday we had norm p-day activities following p-day we had a few lessons planned. One with a potential that said we could come back and show her the "Because of Him" video and teach her more about Jesus Christ, but that cancelled. We had a Family home evening with a member family & taught them about family history, and had brownies as the treat! :) 

Tuesday we had a whole list of appointments to teach set up, but a lot of them fell through... BUT! We had 2 service projects to do! It was great! Cleaning service projects for that matter. :) 3 appointments cancelled. At dinner we challenged them to give a Book of Mormon to someone that could benefit from the message and than the last thing for the night was our lesson with our 2 new investigators, Andrew and Vianney! :) We showed the "Because of Him" video and talk them that God is our Father in Heaven who loves us very much. We also taught them about prayer!  

Wednesday, we did the normal studies, and headed out & went by Cody, the less active that is currently coming back to church. Well he told us he transferred to the singles ward, which is awesome because he needs more friendly faces his age anyway!  Thursday we had an appointment with another less active, Cheyenne. She wanted us to come back and help her bake pies for the Trek... and we kinda wanted to learn anyway! haha. So we came back and helped her! It was a ton of fun!  We had dinner at the Gallups, and it was brother Gallups birthday so we took a selfie picture with the family :)

We will just skip to Saturday, because nothing interesting really ever happens on Fridays. (Typically people are grumpy from either having to work, or rude because they don't want us to get in the way of there Friday night partying...) Well. The original plan was to go to the Tempe/Phoenix area to go to a baptism of someone that I had taught who we turned over to her missionaries. And the zone leaders gave us permission to go... well 20 mins before we had to leave they texted us saying we couldn't go anymore. But in place of that we got to do some service. A new family moved in and we got put in charge of the pantry! It was definitely a job in itself... haha. The photos show really how much food it was... She is a couponer so it was ALOT of food. 

Sunday was great! A whole 6 hours of church is always refreshing for a long week :) Brother Gallup ended up being called as the new ward mission leader for one of the wards & I'm pretty excited to work with him! We had dinner with the Combs and they fed us steak and potatoes, and you can guess what dessert was.... SUPER yummy German chocolate cake... rolled with frosting in it. YUMMM!

Anyway, this week was really great, Remember that Heavenly Father loves you more than you can comprehend! Have a great week every one! 

♥, Sister Holcomb :)

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