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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 64- It's gonna take work!

This week was long, and full. Monday was alot of fun, cuz we got to go to the store and hangout with Krystal :) We also got to go to Olive Garden, which was sooo yummy, considering I haven't been for almost 2 years. Later that day after prep day was done, we went to a less actives and taught her a lesson. She wants to gain a better testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
Tuesday, we had one last district meeting with the people that were leaving, like half of our zone was leaving, going to another area. :( 3 of our appointments got cancelled on Tuesday.. what a BUMMER :(   Wednesday was fun! We had transfer meeting, we got to meet as a mission and see everyone, its kind of overwhelming sometimes. But I almost got it down!
Thursday was soo sad. I was as sick as a dog.. I was kind of upset because all I wanted to do was work, and no matter how hard I tried I was just dead tired, and dizzy and congested. :( I slept like a baby all day though.
Friday was still pretty slow, well for me at least. I felt like a sloth, even though I wanted to go as quiclkly as the wind would carry me, (and for Queen Creek/Santan Valley that wouldn't be hard considering how windy it is.) Haha. Saturday was all pretty random, but it was busy.
And Sunday! OH HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! :) That was a little hard considering I couldn't be with my Dad, but thank you to all the fathers who have brought up there kids in a good home. And specifically for my Dad, for being an example with your testimony, even if we did have a rough patch, to know that you took the right steps in being apart of the Gospel and I wanna thank you, because without that, I wouldn't be here, on my mission, being the person I am today. I love you!
Anyway, to all of you.. Hope you have a great week!
God be with you till we speak again! :)
P.S. Pics below are from Transfer meeting with all my "daughters" :)
-Sister Holcomb-
Gilbert AZ Mission

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