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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 5

Sorry for posting late!!

This week went by super quick.  CRAZY.  Well we had another great lesson, with the lady that has been investagating the church for a year.  She commited to pray to know what to do, because she's going through a struggle and we promised her that if she asked God for help he would give her an answer. We have a lesson with her tomorrow. Hope all goes well!

If some of you haven't heard yet. There are now going to be Sister Training Leaders. Its pretty exciting. 

So since that came about, we had a Sister Training meeting. It was super awesome! And since that meeting lasted from 10am-5pm we only had like 2.5 hours of teaching and contacting time. WE TAUGHT THREE LESSONS.. Just from people that we talked to on the street. They were all awesome, and followed the spirit by teaching them what they needed to hear.
Something else that's cool that we do, is called: S.O.T.D. (Scripture of the day) where we send a text to people to uplift them. I love doing it, sometimes we get responses and there always saying Thank you and that makes me feel good. Its something that we should all try and do. Uplift others always.

Oh funny story from this past week, we had just gotten out of a dinner appt. and we were talking to him hoping he'd be interested in hearing what we had to teach him. But he said he wasn't interested. SUPER nice guy. We talk about how families have to opportunity to be together for ever through the gospel. He told us how much he loved his family and start telling us about his kids.. Well I was testifying about how I love this gospel BECAUSE we can be with our family forever and he interrupted me by saying these exact words...

" You look like my son, he's very handsome... Not that you're handsome, you're beautiful.. but you look like him"

Uh............... What do you say to that?! First of all I was like rudeeee.. Then I was just being nice and said thank you... and then he continues to say that his son is 13 years old.... Cooooool. So I look like a 13 year old

But yeah thats the update for the weeekk!

Oh yeah, so my family is SO AWESOME! I got a package and it made my week! Love you guys!

Hope to hear from you guys soon! I'm gonna be in the area for next week and most likely not getting transferred, if I do I will know by next Sunday!

-Sister Holcomb (:

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