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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 6- Possible Transfer

Hola Amigos!

This week wasn't to crazy compared to the other ones, but we did have a few awesome things happen through out the week.  But I think the highlight of this week was the bike crash... DUN DUN DUN!! Haha!

Yes, its true... I, Sister Holcomb crashed on my bike.  I totally knew it was gonna happen at some point but not this soon.  The crazy thing is.. my thick Nike spandex now have a whole in the knee.  I'm so sad, but glad at the same time.  If I would have been wearing short leggings then the cement would have tore up my knee.  Luckily I only sprained my ankle. Not sure still whats wrong with my knee.  Its in a lot of pain still. 

Some other cool stuff that happened is that we finally met with the Spanish family.  The elders told us that they had a feeling about letting us teach the girl that we had met first and they would just teach the family.  THEY ARE SO PREPARED!  The grandparents are already super involved with church and its so cool because last night we had a lesson and the spirit was there!  You could tell.  We had a member, who is actually the ward mission leader, there with us.  He went to Guatemala for his mission so he knows Spanish to translate for us.  :) 

There was also a catholic man that we met last week.  He believes through fact and not faith, so all we could do was testify to him.  He told us that he would accept a Book of Mormon, if we would accept his catholic bible.  So we did, we traded him.  After giving the Book of Mormon to him we told him that if he prayed to God to know if the book was true that through the power of the Holy Ghost that he would receive an answer.  We haven't followed up with him yet but we are hoping that something will come of it, if not soon then hopefully later.

Another crazy thing that happened this week is that we were texting the scripture of the day, and one of our investigators who we had been trying to contact for weeks texted us back!!!!  She asked us if we were available soon and we are like, DUH!!  So we finally got to meet her this week.  She told us that she had been struggling and that she knew the text was a sign from God.  We had discussed the scripture that we sent her (Mosiah 24:14-15) and she said she hadn't even looked at it yet, and she started to cry.  We knew that the scripture we had sent was inspired just for her.  :)

This week is also transfer week.  We woke up this morning to a voice mail stating that we had to basically prepare to moved to another area.  Which means that there IS a possibility that we could be moved.  There's so much going on with Sister Training Leaders, and the new Mission President coming in July and also since the mission boundaries are changing that we might have the possibility of changing missions!  Crazy town!  But its time for me to go!

Love all you guys, and keep safe!

-Sister Holcomb (:

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