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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 17-Still working hard!

Hellloooo Everyone!

So first off I'd like to express some frustration from forgetting my camera this week ... :( I had lots of cool pictures of the lightning, scorpions, and a HUGE dust storm.

A member of her ward sent this one to us.

This week wasn't too crazy other then the storms that happened. And there's some funny stuff to talk about.  But sorry from how short this post is.

We had a lesson with a investigator named Linda.  She's from Detroit Michigan and she's been investigating the church for about a year.  When we were in the lesson with her, we asked her if she had ever prayed about the Book of Mormon and she said no!  So we asked her if she would and she said yes!  (I can't believe no one had asked her to.) But the lesson was so good, the spirit was there and everything went pretty smooth.

Church was again interesting.  Since we go to 2 different buildings for church we have to go back and forth. One ward at 9 am, another at a different building at 12, and the 3rd ward at 1 at the first building.  I know confusing.  Sorry.  Haha.

This past week, I've really realized my love of the scriptures. They really can help you throughout your day/week.

Got ANOTHER flat tire.

And last little schpeel of the week, the Sisters had a SLEEPOVER! :) Since we are low on miles for this month, last night we got to go and sleep at the sisters house, and spend the WHOLE p-day with them :) SO fun!!

Any who, that's my short but sweet update, hope y'all (Sister Adams is rubbing off on me) have a good week, and next weeks update will be better ;)

<3, Sister Holcomb

Sister Holcomb's new friends.  She said that she was scared to hold them.  LOL

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