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Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 18, Another great week, and a baptism!!

Hey Everyone!

This week feels like it just zoomed by! It normally does, but this week feels like it zoomed by even faster. Full of street contacting, contacting people that may be intrested in the church and a baptism!! Yes, you heard correct.. A baptism. She is so great, I talked about her about 4 updates ago, her name is Montana! It was a great experience to be apart of, I also got to sing! :)

At Montana's baptism there were great talks and testimonies bore. There was the wonderful opportunity to witness Montana's baptism and there was another talk on the Holy Ghost, then a couple days before they had asked me to sing, so I did. At the baptism I sang, "Come Follow Me" The spirit was so strong the whole baptism. :) My "first" baptism, I'm just humbled and honored to be apart of her conversion to the gospel.

We contacted a lot this week as well. We stopped by alot of people, alot of people just said to come back! I was so surprised, normally we just get people that don't answer the door or say no. But we have been really blessed this week..

We actually think its because of this.. We went over to a dinner appointment with a member and were talking about how they served a mission in Delaware, and the Sister Missionaries would write down daily miracles they had .. well we kinda stole the idea and are doing the same. We have seen miracles daily! :) Each night we write down all that we've seen from the day and we see more and more everyday!

Its been a great week! Keep writing me letters! I love them and the motivate me! ;)


-Sister Lindsay Holcomb 

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  1. Congrats to Montana and keep up the good work Sister Holcomb!