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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week.. I dont even know anymore. (Mom does-66!)

 Sorry I never gave an update for last week. Its coming close to the end for me and I'm trying to get some school things figured out. Anyway, last week and this week were really good. We have slowly but surely gotten things straightened out with members are are trying to work with lots of less actives with the members. Honestly, pushing missionary work with members about non members is the 2nd thing we should be doing with how many less actives we have in both wards. So that's been our push recently. :)
Something really cool that our mission is doing right now, is they have a challenge to read the book of Mormon in 60 days! This morning, we also had a mission 1 year anniversary! It was WAY fun! We had water games and some fun activities :)

​President & Sister Nattress & us :)

So this week was quiet thee adventure! Monday was really fun! We got our nails done by a member, but about 3 days later my were all chipped off :( After P-day was over we had 2 family home evenings that we were teaching. The first one we taught them about Nephi's courage and we acted it out! Then the 13 year old showed us magic tricks, he tried to teach me, but of course I'm kinda obvious. The second one, was a less active couple & there son, we taught about gratitude. It was based off the talk given at conference. (Such a good talk, btw.) We ended the night with them.

Tuesday morning, we got to go to the Gilbert Temple :) It was so great! I love going to the Temple, just the peace you feel when you go is indescribable!

We also had our first lesson with our NEW investigator, Alex. He is the boyfriend of a member in the ward & is sooo prepared! He is already in Alma in the Book of Mormon! He is on date for the 2nd of August!  It was going to be sooner, but he wants his family to be there and they wont be back in town until the 30th of July.

Wednesday was fun, we did a lot of contacting and did alot of stop by's. We had another lesson with Alex and taught him about the plan of salvation. :) Sister Farmer and I teach very well with each other and so its alot of fun to teach in unity!
Thursday we had a random service opportunity! A less active member called us, and asked if we would help her move some furniture, we did & it was a really good interaction with her! We actually found out she is doing a relief society activity for the ward this coming month!

​After coordination... He meant to say, "when you exercise". But its funny that he 
called us "little knuckle heads" haha. 

Friday was just crazy, It was honestly a blur. We went out to lunch with our zone, at "The Daily Bread" and than had a few appointments afterward. And more and more. We got so busy, we forgot an appointment we had scheduled previous, and had to reschedule for the next day! 
Saturday was full of contacting! And Sunday was filled with church, and in and out lessons. It was a productive week for sure! :)
I love missionary work! Hope all of you guys have a great week! :)
Love, Sister Holcomb  ♥

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