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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 67 - 1 year anniversary!

This week was nuts! So many things and we still managed to have a good amount of lessons this week! This past week also marked the 1 year mark of the Gilbert AZ Mission! Monday was crazy! It was super fun too though! There was water games and the whole mission was there. We even played ultimate Frisbee, and that was fun. I haven't played that since YSA ward! haha. After that we rushed to get everything else done that we needed to. Later that night  we went to go support one of our investigators at a game that he coaches for! He is the head coach for a high school down here. But it was super fun to go to!

Tuesday, we had another awesome experience of going to the temple. We were at the temple with our entire mission! It was great! Our entire mission went through the temple for our one year anniversary. How neat is that? Not all missions can do that! What a privilege  When we walked in to the celestial room, President and Sister Nattress were there dressed in white. It was a really neat experience. After we had a brief fireside with the temple president, we headed out to take a mission picture.  As if the day wasn't awesome enough we got to meet with Alex, our fabulous investigator. We talked about repentance. Of course everything just clicked. He is quite the young man.

Wednesday.. well, another day, another miracle. Sister Farmer got an email a few weeks ago from Coach Branson (Former Coach of hers) because he was planning a trip to Arizona and asked if he could come visit. When I first read the email she thought, "there is no way." But then she decided, what the heck, why not give it a shot and ask President. So she did! And... We got to meet up with Mr. Branson at the Gilbert temple sight. He was easy to spot from a mile away. What a treat. He gave Sister Farmer and I a big squeezeze... whoops. Then, we took him around the temple. We talked about the symbolism associated with the layout and different engravings on the temple. He is one amazing man. He asked a lot of great questions. It was quite a great missionary experience not only for her, but for me as well, seeing how the Lord softens the hearts of people.

Thursday, DUST STORMMM!!!! Hello Monsoon season!! We ended up getting stuck inside an investigator's house because we got caught in a dust storm. The wind was blowing like crazy. We had to save our investigator's pool umbrella from taking off. I thought that I was going to fly.

Friday, Happy Fourth of July! Sister Farmer and I decked out in our patriotic but oh so professional look. We had to go inside a couple hours early for safety precautions. So, what did we do? Yes, we crawled on the roof to watch the fireworks. We live in a one story house, so it wasn't very high up. We used the wall in our backyard to launch ourselves up there. It was fun! :)

SERVICE SATURDAY! We spent a solid three hours helping a less active clean up his "yard,"  rocks. When we got home I thought that I had gotten a killer tan, but then I got in the shower and realized as I looked at the shower walls and floor that it was all just dirt. Darn! It was really good to getting to associate with his less active dad and brothers as well. It was a good interaction not only with Sister Farmer and I, but for the YSA elders.

Sunday, Fast and testimony meeting! I bore my testimony! I based it off of Nephi, and the Atonement. We had three investigators at church! Miracle!

Great week and another one ahead of us this week!
LOVE you all :)  Have a great week!

Sister Holcomb :)

-Sister Holcomb-
Gilbert AZ Mission

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