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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 68- Wait... How many weeks left?!

This is upcoming week is the last week of my 12th transfer. I have one transfer left, you do the math. Its crazy to think I have less than 2 months to do the Lord's work, but I'm putting in "all my heart, mind, mind & strength" to finish out strong! This week has been a blur though, for me especially it went by pretty quickly.

Monday was the norm day of prepping for the week. Well kinda, we switched a lot stuff around to get our hair dyed, then it fell through, but that's okay, cuz its happening today:) We had dinner with a new young couple in the area, which was super fun, because they are SO cute! We got to look at her wedding pictures and stuff, and we found out he served his mission in Philly, Spanish speaking!  
Tuesday was lots of fun! We had district meeting, had lunch with a less active & got to chat with her about her daughter that was coming into town, we contacted a bit and than had dinner with Sister Fuller, and she fed us yummy tacos. :) We were able to go out later that night with a young women named Janel and go by some investigators! We were able to share a temple presentation to Linda, and also to Alex S. (2 investigators we are teaching)

Wednesday, was quite the day, we went on splits with 2 young woman, and it was a really cool experience we had. We ran into these younger couple, they were going around giving flyers door to door, well the girl needed to use the restroom, and no one was answering the door for her, we let her use our bathroom & offered snacks or water; they kindly declined. As they were walking away, I had asked them if they had ever met missionaries before and they said, that they had lived next door to some missionaries before they were kicked out of there home. The conversation continued, and I had asked them if they had ever read the Book of Mormon, they answered no, so I ran back inside to get them both a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon. They both expected and than told me that they were actually in a Christian rehab center currently for recovering drug addiction, and I just told them and testified to them that Jesus Christ was there for them every step of the way & that the Book of Mormon would be a guide to them & that it was another testament of Jesus Christ. Overall, a really great experience!  :) Later that night we had a lesson with Alex G. (the one that's getting baptized Aug. 2nd) We also went out to dinner with him & his girlfriends family to Moreno's; a really great Mexican restaurant! 

Thursday we had exchanges & I was with Sister Marz! That was lots of fun! We got alot done! P.S. We got to go the relief society activity & make my first fondant cake! :)

Friday we had quite the day as well. We went from meeting with Brother Finch, to going to practice the musical number for church on Sunday, to lunch at the Daily Bread (yum), to planning from 1 to 4, a lesson with Bryan at 4:15 & dinner at the Gallups. Just non stop all day.. not to mention we had to walk everywhere because my tire popped for the 2nd time this last week... #the struggle is real.... after dinner we just contacted a ton & stopped by one of investigators house to drop off a cake for his birthday!

Saturday was pretty fun too! In the morning, I didn't feel all that well, I got a mini tummy ache & decided to sleep for a few hours. After waking up & feel better, we went out with a soon-to-be missionary! She got her call the the Rochester NY mission, and the Palmyra visitors center! Anyway, we went out with her all day & it was so fun! We were able to go to a baptism with Alex G. and he got all excited for his! :) Had dinner at a new family in the wards house & than went to a ward BBQ, that was quite the fail... Later that night we had a stake meeting with the big guy over missionary work in the stake & left the meeting early to remind our investigators about church! Sunday was packed full of things to do, so much that at the end of the day I felt like falling over and sleeping in my desk chair! We had a lesson with Bryan (he's getting baptized on the 26th of this month) and had a musical number! Met with Brother Finch, had dinner, had a member lesson with the Coopers, stopped by a potential new investigator, and then headed to make a flyer for the upcoming ward activity :)
All in all, twas a great week! I love being a missionary, and I know for sure I'm supposed to be here, at this time & in this place! Hope y'all have a good week! :)
Love, Sister Holcomb ♥

-Sister Holcomb-
Gilbert AZ Mission

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