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Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 70, I ain't trunky!! :P

 Hello everyone! This week was awesome!!!!!

Wednesday was my last transfer meeting, so I had to get pictures of course with my posterity! :) And a few other people!!  It was quite overwhelming because I wanted to just get pictures with everyone! But thankfully I got them!

Friday night, we went to the Gilbert Temple with Alex G. It was an awesome experience! We were able to talk to him about the symbolism about the different designs on the temple, we also talked about after he is baptized that he could come back to the temple and do the baptisms for the dead! He is so excited about that! We got fro-yo after and rode home in a convertible bug (his girlfriends) with the top down! That was so fun!

We found out on Wed. that we were getting a mini missionary, from the Desert Ridge stake (my last area). We got to get them on Sat.  There was tons of sisters from my last ward, but we ended up getting one from another ward, which is obviously okay, cuz they were all adorable. Anyway, President talked about all the miracles we would see with our minis and it truly has happened! We are currently preparing for a ward activity coming up, and everything has just been so smooth, stressful still, but its gone a lot smoother than we thought it would, MIRACLE!!

Anyway, the 2nd day with our mini we had church and 4 investigators were at church!!! We woke up, and stopped by a less active and 3 of the investigators and of course Alex G. (the one that's getting baptized this weekend) was there so that makes 4! MIRACLE!! Oh, forgot to mention that one of the investigators, (Alex S.) that we have been teaching has been struggling with his Dad not excepting the fact that he wants to join the church, so today after PC2 ward, he came up to us & said he wanted to finally talk to his Dad about getting baptized, well we were over at the fellowships house & they all talked with him and asked if he wanted a priesthood blessing for inspiration and peace on what to say to his dad. So brother Dinehart, gave the blessing and he felt it! MIRACLE!!  He went over and talked with his Dad, even though his Dad still wasn't going to budge, he knew what he still needed to do. He knew he still needed to attend church, read the scriptures and continue to do the things he knew were true until either his Dads heart softened or he was old enough to make his own decision. But again, the Spirit bore witness that why I'm here serving a mission is totally and completely worthy every hard time! And the spirit was so strong to bare witness to Alex as well!   
 After church we had dinner and went to a fireside called the mission presidents fireside & I was able to go for the first time in my entire mission (since we can only go with investigators) and Alex G. came! What a great fireside! The spirit was sooooo strong! Recent Converts get to speak and each of there stories were different, but beautiful as they each bore testimony that the things they were taught and the way they felt about the principles of the gospel were true! Alex G. was crying almost the whole fireside!  He is so filled with the spirit, he's golden! I swear he's going to be an apostle one day!

Anyway, I learned a very important thing this week, to find MIRACLES everyday & you'll see more and more as you go on in your week, month & year! I love being a missionary and getting the opportunity to see these big or small miracles! I love having the experience to help others come unto Christ! Have a great week everyone!

-Sister Holcomb ♥

P.S. Sorry about a lot of pictures, we just forgot our camera cord last week!
-Sister Holcomb-
Gilbert AZ Mission

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