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Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 72 - Stress, bring it on!

What a week! I'm feeling the angst as I'm coming closer to a close of my mission, I've never felt more compelled to do everything possible and smoosh everything possible into the day. It makes me feel sooo stressed out, but by the end of the day I cant help but be happy and content with being so tired from working my butt off!

Everyday feels like I just work a little harder, fill my brim off stress a little fuller, but its all worth it!  Tuesday we had quite the experience with an apostate (a member of the church that fell away because of misconceptions), we biked up to him, planning on talking to him about a gospel conversation, but he knew what was coming and stopped us in our tracks. He started telling us that he was a "used to be" member of the church and that he wanted to help us understand what was commonly misunderstood about the church. We tried to testifying to him about the truths that we knew, the Spirit was really working through my companion and I. It was definitely one of those scary experience, but it definitely strengthened my testimony, know the things that I knew!

Wednesday was a real refresher for me, TEMPLE DAY! My last temple trip with the missionaries in the zone! It was glorious! Period. It just confirmed to me, that this church is the true church, that God wanted Joseph Smith to restore to the earth again.

Thursday morning we got up and did some service, had a recent convert lesson with Alex about the temple and going to do baptisms for the dead and family history. We had dinner, made by the activity day girls from our ward, and we got to teach a lesson about missionary work. They asked lots of good questions and it was a blast!

Friday we planned, contacted and had a lesson with Tisha, one of our investigators that is really hard to get a hold of, we talked about the importance of going to church and reading scriptures. She had told us that the scripture that we had sent that morning was pure inspiration for what she needed. :)

Sunday was great! But one of those days where I just want to pull out my hair from being so overwhelmed! It was good though , don't get me wrong! :) We contacted people to wake em up for church, ward council, church for 3 hours.... A referral, named Ryan, came to church! Stopped by Cody B's, Brother Gallup and Graham gave him a priesthood blessing for comfort, he came to church too! Went to another 3 hours for church and than went home and took a tiny break. Had dinner at the Christensen's. They were going to have there friends who were interested in coming to church come over too, but that fell through. They were quite bummed. After dinner, we had a few people that we had appointments with. Meeka and Reagent fell through, they were sick :( Had a lesson with the Balls, taught them about the Restoration with the cups and then went to the millers and had a lesson with them as well!

Fun week! Talk to y'all later! Love you & thank you for all your support the past 18 months!

Sister Holcomb :)

P.S. It rained last night, so the Millers gave us ponchos! ;)

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